R.A.E.N. of Schillaci Roberto is a young company but leader in power steerings and power steering pumps repairs. Itís also specialized in repairing and selling joints for off-road vehicles.

Mr. Schillaciís decenary experience made his young company a reference for lots of automotive customers.

The values we trust are Ernest, Unambiguousness and Trasparency. They enable us to establish abiding and lasting co-operation dealings.

R.A.E.N. staffís Amenability and Ability made the company a market leader appearing at the European market as well.

Competitivity and Professionality, as reguards the repairs of power steerings, power steering/ hydroelectric/ hydroelectronic pumps, EPS systems and electric motors, conveyed the company steadies basis to prosecute its decenary development.



Thanks to national and international business dealings, R.A.E.N. puts on trade new products and innovative materials.

R.A.E.N. gives to its customers appropiate and convenient prices, the best quality and reliability for its products.

The company is situated in city but easily accessible by highways, advantaging the freight.